I know that because of the clutter in your home, you may not have felt comfortable to invite anyone over. Now that you are beginning to move the clutter out though and get organized, you may change your mind and decide that you want guests!

You see, as you release all that no longer belongs in your life from your living space, you will start to feel better on the inside too. Also, when you release clutter from inside of you, you will have more energy and feel more inspired to get rid of the clutter on the outside… it goes both ways. As this process of clutter release and taking better care of you takes place, the thought of having people enter your home may not feel as overwhelming or uncomfortable.

It may be a long time since you have entertained, or you may never have entertained before and are not sure what to do to prepare. I am here to help you!

When you feel ready to begin having people come to your home, I suggest you start with a little tea party. Whether you decide to have one or a few people over, I hope that my suggestions below help you prepare for this special time!

Remember… your guests come over because they want to spend time with you. They will love and accept you and your home as much as you love and accept you and your home, because life is like a mirror.

Here are 11 simple steps and ideas to help you prepare for an in-between-meals tea/coffee time get together. I hope this inspires you to share your home and time with those people you love and want to spend relaxing time with!

The 11 Steps To Prepare For Your Guests

1. Create a display of delicious treats on a wooden cheese board. I like to serve warmed up Brie. It looks pretty and it is nice to have something warm. You an choose any cheese you like, including a spreadable variety. Once you place the cheese on the board, continue to decorate the open spaces with a bouquet of grapes, thin slices of pear (or any fruit that is in season such as apples, mango, strawberries), a little collection of crackers, and a variety of fresh olives.

2. Use three little bowls or a serving plate with dividers for nuts and dried fruit (such as pistachios in the shell, roasted almonds, mixed nuts variety, figs, dates, apricots).

3. Place a decorative napkin in a small basket and add a variety of baked treats such as biscotti or muffins for example, and a bar of chocolate that your guests can break off a square piece from. Or you can serve a pie or cake if you prefer.

4. Make water feel spa-like by serving it from a clear glass or plastic pitcher with one or more of the following added… fresh mint leaves, thin slices of lemon, lime, orange and cucumber. The water will look pretty and taste so refreshing.

5. Have regular and decaf coffee varieties to choose from. If you don’t have a coffee maker then purchase instant brands of coffee.

6. Start a collection of a variety of teas that come in individual packets so that your guests a have lots to choose from. Instead of keeping teas stored in the cardboard boxes I recommend using a wooden tea box (I use one and my guests tell me they look forward to choosing tea from it every they come over!) or small basket. It looks really pretty to fill a basket with tea packets. You can put a napkin on the bottom to make it look more decorative. Place the hot water into cups right from the kettle (or put it in a teapot if you have one and place it on the table) along with your tea box or basket.

7. Make sure to have milk and/or cream in the fridge in case your guests would like to add some to their warm drink. To add some sweetness you can display a collection of little bowls (that you can find in the dollar store) filled with white and brown sugar, honey and packets of sweetener.

8. If you do not want to use your plates and silverware, purchase the paper and plastic variety from the dollar store. Choose decorative napkins to add color to your table and to the inside of your baskets.

9. To decorate your table top add a tablecloth, placemats, or table runner in lace or fabric (in a theme for the season for example). You may find something you like at your local dollar store.

10. Add a potted flowering plant or your favorite flowers in a vase and your table is complete! Now is a wonderful time to treat yourself to a fresh bouquet, especially if you never do! Also, if you want to become open receive things you desire, then you have to become comfortable giving to yourself first… so allow yourself to receive from your own self a lovely scented and beautiful bunch of goodness!

11. For an extra touch and to create a relaxed ambiance, you can boil a pot of cinnamon sticks before your guests arrive to have an inviting scent, add candles to the table, and turn on your favourite background music. Now it is time to open the door to welcome your guest/guests into your inviting entertaining space!

Feel good about all you did to prepare for this divine day! In~joy!


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