Dear Goddess,

Life can get so busy. Thank you for taking out this time to read and to be here for you. Cherish those moments that you have just for you… even when you are feeling a little down. You may want to shift your perspective and see those moments as precious times too… and just a natural part of life to experience and learn from. Love and give to yourself the most, when you feel you need this the most… which may be right this moment.

Below I have provided some suggestions on things to do in order for you to feel a shift in your energy and how you feel. Perhaps something here will resonate with you to try! First, though, I just want to make sure that you are present with how you are feeling, instead of ignoring how you feel and just jumping in to try something below.

You do not need to push your feelings down again. This can cause harm to you and your body. Give yourself permission to be with, express, and release what you feel, and in a safe space. Those “pushed down” feelings are still there. They can still vibrate outward resulting in experiences and things being attracted to you that align with that vibration. For this pattern to stop, it is important to be with how you are feeling so that you feel some relief and release and then an inner shift. Inner shifts result in outer shifts (Note: it is important to receive support from a professional health care provider and follow their recommendations if you feel you need help. I am writing just a little here for inspiration, and to support you in ways I feel I can).

This is an exercise for you to do so that you honor your feelings, and to prepare you for any of the 17 suggestions. When ready, take some time to relax in a comfortable space to be with you. Focus on your breath as you move your awareness from the thoughts in your mind into your heart and body. Place your hands on your heart and be present with your breath. You may then want to ask yourself how you are feeling. Then just wait, and be silent. Be with whatever feelings arise. Relax into them. Feel where you feel them in your body. Release through your breath the stressed energy you notice in those places. Let it all go.

Express yourself in a safe way and allow you to be you, and to feel. Love yourself, accept yourself, feel compassion for you, and honor you just as you are and right where you are. This is practicing self-acceptance and love. You are loved and you are enough, just as you are. There is nothing more that you need to be or do or have. After some time, you may sense your state of being change to feel more relaxed, light, centered, and peaceful.

Give yourself a huge hug after trying this and check in to see see how are feeling compared to how you felt before reading this article. Can you feel that practicing this heart-centered exercise is different from your usual reaction and choices in what to do when you are feeling down? This inner shift in how you feel also affects the energy you radiate out and along with your perspective.

When you feel that you are ready to move from your relaxed position, you can then try something suggested below in order to feel even better. When feeling better, you may notice that your energy and perspective shifts even more. When these things shift, what you see, experience, and receive in your reality can change too!

17 Suggestions For You…

1. Paint your fingernails. As you paint each one, express something loving to yourself. Feel that it is your Inner Queen/Goddess/God/Higher Self/Angels speaking to you (You choose the name or whomever/whatever you would like to communicate with that fits with you… it is personal and the feeling you embody at the moment is what I feel is most important).

2. Dress in something that makes you feel beautiful (or just get naked) and then dance!

3. Spend some time in front of the mirror. Say “I love you” to your reflection.  You may then want to be in silence just “being” with you. I know that this can be difficult to do when just getting started. You are a beautiful Divine goddess inside and out… remember this. Mirror work can be powerful and may awaken something new in you. Inside the book Divine Decluttering, you can find an entire chapter on mirror work exercises to experiment with.

4. Change your position… take a walk, stretch, be outside barefoot to connect with the earth, or try some yoga.

5. Choose one drawer in your kitchen and empty it completely. Then wipe it down and only put back what you use. Let the rest go. Open the drawer again once you are done and notice the difference in how you feel. You may even choose to remove more items. After doing this, close then open the drawer again and see if you feel even better. If so, then you know that what you took out is what needed to go.

6. Rest as you listen to a meditation. Be present with who you are and feel excited to try something new.

7. Write a list of what you are thankful for, and instead of just thinking about each item, move into your heart and emotions and feel your appreciation. As you feel appreciation of what you are focused on, you also open yourself up to receive more of what is in alignment with what you wrote.

8. Reach out to connect with those you love by phone, in person, or online. You are also welcome to join our new online community.

9. Moisturize your entire body, connecting with and loving each part of you. Feel your inner masculine (your “doing” energy) spreading the cream along your body, and your inner feminine (your “being” energy) receiving and enjoying how this feels. This is one example of you becoming aware of how one part of you gives to another part of you.

10. Cozy up with your favorite book and a warm beverage.

11. Clear out the bathroom clutter. Discard all items past their due date and makeup you have not used in the past year. Store medications in a location out of view so that your thoughts stay focused on being and feeling healthy as you open cupboards and drawers each day.

12. Have your inner queen goddess write a love letter to you. Allow her to express to you that you are enough just the way you are, and that there is nothing more you need to do or be, but to just be and feel all of you. Feel the freedom in having her express to you everything that you feel and want that comes from inside of you.

13. If you are wanting to be in relationship, or would like to shift the energy in the one you are currently in, you can write a love letter imagining that the one writing is your soul partner and you will be the one receiving it. What would you want your love to express to you? Write it in the letter. You may want to read the letter regularly (imagining and feeling like you are already in this relationship, in order to help bring it into your reality) and also at times you are feeling down.

14. Draw, sketch, color, write, do something crafty, or bake to give yourself the gift of creatively expressing through your hands.

15. Put together a collection of pictures that express your dreams and desires. Spend time looking at each picture and connect with how you feel, imagining you have already received what you are looking at right now. This will help shift your energy, your vibration, and as a result will affect what shows up in your life. In the book Divine Decluttering, you can learn how to create a “My Life In Pictures” book which you may like to put together and use instead of, or in addition to a vision board.

16. Take a warm bath. Surround yourself with candles, lovely scents, and music.

17. Declutter your sleepwear. Take everything out from their storage areas and place the items on your bed. What do you want to be wearing in your sacred bed space as you sleep? Only keep those items that make you feel like a goddess as you wear them. Release the sleepwear that brings up memories you would rather forget. If wanting to be in a love relationship, then only have things that you feel you would wear when with your love. If you end up with very few items left to keep, then give yourself a treat and gift yourself with new pretty and sexy intimates.

You are a goddess and it is important that you remember to love, take care of and treat yourself as one.

I would love to know what you tried here, and what was helpful for you!

Love, Aimee

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