27 Poetic Teachings From The 2020 Pandemic

You have been told you cannot freely travel or roam outside of your home

…because it is time for you to travel inward and discover the vast Universe within your own.

You have been told to wear a mask that hides your identity, expressions and your voice

…because it is time for you to remember to see your authentic self, and that your true expression is your choice.

Your favorite stores have been locked up, and there is less upon each shelf

…because it is time to unlock your inner sacred spaces, and to explore within your own self.

You have been told to work from inside your home

…because there may be inner work to do.

And you have been told to practice physical distancing with others

…to perhaps have time to explore connection between the Divine and you.

You have been told to disinfect the items you bring home, and what gets stored upon a shelf

…because it is time to remember to look at what needs to be cleansed or cleared out, within your own self.

You have been told to fear your neighbors and report on those not following the distancing rule

…because you are to remember to love your neighbors and create close connections, instead of being cruel.

You have been told to not over shop or hoard when purchasing your groceries

…because you are to remember to live with less clutter and clear out what are not necessities.

You have been told that the learning institutions are closed, and you can forget about all their rules

…because you are to remember that the greatest teachings in life, happen outside the closed doors of the schools.

You have been told that the community libraries are closed and you cannot return books overdue

…because you are to realize that some of the greatest stories in life are going to be created now through you.

You are told to immediately multitask while staying home… perform self care, take care of loved ones, schooling, budgeting, cleaning, cooking, shopping, gardening, fixing things, learning new skills, working at a job you may not even enjoy anymore, manage multiple emotions, grief, losses, fears of the unknown, and made to believe that this is all fine

…because this will lead to you recognizing what is most important in life and for your life, and what you want to think about, believe or do more of, or for your very last time.

You have been told to not use your cash at the stores and to tap a card instead

…because you are to remember that the best things in life are free, instead of worry of germs you dread.

You have been told that you cannot go near those you love who are sick, and cannot accept them into your living space

…because you are to remember how important it is to unconditionally love who you are and love others as you offer your embrace.

You have been told to listen to and take directions from the leaders who had the last big win

…because you are to remember to listen to your own inner voice and follow the directions you hear given within.

You have been told that the near future doesn’t look too bright or freeing, and you feel confused about what are truths

…because you are to remember that you have complete freedom within your own imagination to create the reality that feels best to you… you can choose.

You have been told to be careful and move out of the way off your path if someone walks too close to you

…because you are to remember to be carefree and get out of your own way to be able to walk your true path you whole life through.

You have been convinced to feel fear when outside your home if not with the proper gear for protection

…because you are to remember unconditional love within and know that Divine love gives protection through connection.

You have experienced how scary the world can feel as you adjust and adapt to a mask and glove

…because you are to remember that you are a brave soul who can walk through illusions of fear to step into a reality that you choose through love.

You have been shown many different narratives through media channels that you feel stuck to like glue

… because you are to remember to practice discernment, become the observer, and feel into what rings true for you.

You have been told to take care of your body, never give up, rest more all the while you are shaken

…because you are to remember to move beyond your physical body and senses, and into your heart to listen, and in order for you to awaken.

You have sensed that the amount of darkness in the world has grown larger over time

…because you are to remember that as you expand as a soul and into the light, you cast a larger shadow like a growing tree or a grape vine.

You have been shown acceptable and unacceptable feeling things that are happening on the earth

…because you are to remember that integration of all your parts and unconditionally loving all of who you are and others, is needed for this planet’s rebirth.

You have been sensing certain things that you no longer like doing, and you hate living with so much fear

…because you are to remember to do what you love, and remember the reasons for why you are here.

You have experienced the reality of how quickly things can be forever forgotten and taken away

…because you are to remember that you have been given this life, those in your life, and you as priceless gifts today.

You have forgotten that perfect polarity is part of third dimension reality, and that it being 2020 is a sign

….because you are to remember that when the illusion of fear as part of polarity appears, it is to guide you back to the true love of the Divine.

May the teachings go on forever, may you practice discernment and carry faith, forgiveness, and compassion near and far.

May your heart connection grow even deeper, and as you remember your soul, who you are.

You have experienced so many teachings, and for now feel it’s enough and are done

…yet there is just one more to remember for now, and that is, that we are all one.

© 2020 by Aimee Stricker

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