How aware are you of what you say to yourself about yourself? Many years ago I discovered the power of affirmations because they helped me while going through some really difficult times. You can do your own research to discover how affirmations can be powerful. What I am here to do is to provide you with a collection of some focused on self love, so that you have something to refer to in those moments you are in need of some loving and self care time.

What you say to yourself and about yourself matters. How aware are you of how those words affect how you feel, and your experiences? Also, how aware are you of the beliefs you may have about yourself which can result in the words that you say, and how you feel?

A belief comes from thoughts you accept and that are practiced over and over. It is important to look at your beliefs, because you may have belief clutter… meaning beliefs that do not serve you in the best way. It is important to do inner work and address beliefs. This is best to do with professional support and in a safe feeling environment.

It is possible for you to change your beliefs so they align with what feels most unconditionally loving to your inner self. You may even find that dropping all beliefs and just “being” in each moment is best for you. You my beautiful, are love. If you do choose to have beliefs, do you have beliefs that are in harmony with the love that you are? Are you speaking to yourself in a thoughtful loving way? When you change your beliefs, or let go of beliefs and just fully accept who you are right in the present moment attached to nothing but the unconditional love from the Divine and your inner being, it changes your energy, how you feel, and what you see on the outside… because life is like a mirror.

Some people will tell you that affirmations don’t work. That is their belief. What is important is your belief and most importantly, what you are doing in the present moment, because there is only the moment you are in. How you feel, and what you believe in the moment will affect what happens in the next moment.

I can tell you that even affirmations can be clutter if they cover up what you are truly feeling about yourself in the moment. What is important is to fully acknowledge, love, feel compassion for, and accept how you are feeling right now.

If you are feeling low, this is something that you may want to try. This is only my suggestion and not to replace support or recommendations from a health care professional. In a safe space and in a safe way, give yourself permission to feel your feelings (if you feel you need support this moment, then it is important you reach out to someone). Move into your body to fully feel, and stay with the feeling wherever it emerges. Just be there, express, breathe deeply and feel. Take your time.

Love yourself in the moment, accepting yourself as you are, and however you are feeling. See this as a cherished time for you, as hard as it feels, as you embrace everything happening inside in the moment. If you feel lonely for example, embrace the loneliness… because one day you will be looking back on this time and see that in the darkness, there was sparkle of Divine light that came through the darkness to support you and hold you. You are always supported and always loved.

You are not to force yourself to do anything else, or feel anything else but how you are feeling in the moment. After a little while, you may experience how the initial feeling slowly dissolves as you give yourself permission to just be. Take slow, deep breaths. Breathe in love.

When you feel love come into the space that was initially filled with sadness and pain, you can choose to just “be” there… think nothing. Feel how loved you are by the Divine and by your inner self. Stay out of your mind space and just be in your heart. When you are in your heart, you are in “being” energy where there is nothing to “do” or figure out. You just feel love, compassion and acceptance for who you are, as you are.

When you are in this calm safe space and feel a little bit of a release and shift from where you first started, you can choose an affirmation to state. You can do this in the mirror, or without a mirror, in bed, or wherever you are. To speak into the mirror is powerful yet I know that it may not be easy for you to do this at this time, and that is ok.

I remember how hard it was for me to even look in the mirror sometimes for more than a few seconds when I was feeling so low. Just do what feels good for you right now. if you are interested in mirror work, I include a full chapter on this in Divine Decluttering book where I take you through a process that came to me through inspiration. It is a powerful chapter that includes writing exercises to complete in the accompanying free downloadable Divine Decluttering Workbook.

Choose affirmations below that sit well with you and enjoy stating them as much as you’d like. You can also make up some of your own that resonate with who you are and what you want! Before you start, take a few slow deep breaths… breathe out all that needs to be released in the moment as you breathe in love. Then when ready, begin. Enjoy stating self love affirmations daily, connecting to how you feel as you express each one. Look forward to seeing what this brings!

You may enjoy working with the statements first thing in the morning, or right before you go to sleep because your ego mind (which can act as an inner critic and cause interference) may be less active at those times. You can express each statement out loud and also write them down, because writing is a powerful exercise too!

I really like using my gemstone beaded bracelets as I state affirmations, holding on to each bead as I say each one. I’ve even worn bracelets to sleep so that if I woke up in the middle of the night with worry, I was able to use them right then as helpful tools to practice self-love. This helped calm me down and shift my focus so that I felt better. I also love creating special pieces for my friends and clients to use.

33 Self-Love Affirmations For You

1. I am sacred and treat myself this way.

2. I am worthy of love.

3. I believe in me and my dreams.

4. I unconditionally love and accept myself just as I am.

5. I listen to and honor my inner voice.

6. I am enough.

7. I am loved and supported.

8. I am living each day through my authentic self.

9. I am safe to feel and express my feelings.

10. I am sensual when present in the moment.

11. I love and treat my body with care and respect.

12. I practice healthy boundaries.

13. I know how and when to say no.

14. I am responsible for my own happiness.

15. I am loved for being authentically me.

16. I am resting when my body feels it needs rest.

17. I breathe in love.

18. I am in the best relationship with my own self.

19. I am aware of my “beingness” as I get things done.

20. I take care of my thoughts and the words I express.

21. I do more of what feels good for my soul.

22. I love my vulnerability.

23. I am beautiful from the inside out.

24. I radiate love because I am love.

25. I am abundant.

26. I am always provided with what I need.

27. I know that what I focus on expands.

28. I give through love and am open to receive.

29. I am a powerful co-creator of my reality.

30.I let go of control.

31. I express appreciation for all that I have.

32. I am taking better and better care of myself each day.

33. I know that everything I need is inside of me.

I hope that these statements serve you. I would love to know how self love affirmations add to your life!

For a relaxing 60 minute meditation FILLED with I AM statements, visit here.

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