Award Winning Author, Heart-Centered Activator For Transformation, Voice For The Divine Feminine, And Conscious Crafting Queen

About Aimee


After reconnecting with her inner goddess guidance and intuition, shifting her perspective from fear to love, releasing clutter, and taking inspired actions that aligned with her soul, Aimee’s life transformed from a mountain of stress into a glorious stream of divine flow and freedom.

Today, her world revolves around helping women who feel dissatisfied with their realities make a fresh start, return to their raw authentic nature, and uncover their soul vision to create their dream life.

Aimee’s passion to serve deeply continues after having practiced as a speech therapist for over three decades, during which she provided over 15,000 sessions guiding children to become the best communicators. Now as a leader in love, she inspires women to have the best communication within their own selves through activating their inner queen voice to live in their fullest soulful expression of who they are.

This is some of what makes Aimee different from other heart- centered activators out there…

  • struggled to make ends meet while raising her children as a single mother, so she understand what it takes to move in the direction of your dreams with ease and grace.
  • practiced the art of conscious creating, reality shifting, and making quantum leaps for over 15 years, and has the tools you need to create the life you envision at the speed of light.
  • moved homes over 18 times, which has gifted her with a treasure chest of divine wisdom to help you blossom into an organized and decluttered diva.
  • mastered the practices necessary to connect with her inner voice, which lead to the words of a book to flow through her which is filled with gorgeous golden secrets to transform your life and home, and she was then recognized as an award winning author.
  • discovered first-hand how energetically and magnetically powerful we are when after a few months of taking better care of herself and seeing herself as “queen” of her life while raising her two toddlers, surprisingly, the reigning Ms. United States Beauty Queen and a state Beauty Queen showed up, and later became her first virtual clients.
  • participated in a leading American Love Coach’s weekly Soulmate Makeover Show to be the voice for the divine feminine, and can offer you ways to instantly shift your energy to become a magnetic goddess while on a date or with your soul partner.
  • has the soul of a mystic and intuitive empath and can surrender to messages that come through that align with the true self and highest state of being.
  • knows how to hold sacred space for deep and lasting transformation from over three decades of experience in the healthcare world, and more recently as a leader through love.
  • had a near death experience and has deeply come to understand and embody the true power of living through love instead of fear.
  • started teaching piano at age 13 and created her first conscious business at age 14, fueled by a deep desire to serve human beings and see them in joy.

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