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Meet Aimee


About 15 years ago, Aimee decided to take herself on an exciting journey because she felt it was her time to create something new for her life.

The journey began with taking time to rest in her heart, and tune in to the quiet voice she sensed within that had been ignored for quite some time. Choosing to surrender to this voice, a new chapter began. Aimee started to take Divinely inspired actions when the inspirations arose (whether or not they made sense to the logical mind). Some of the messages included releasing clutter and creating a living space that felt aligned with who she was and her dreams, and beautiful, to match what she was feeling within, which was more inner beauty as she reconnected to her true self and rested in her feminine. As she started to live more through joy, love, and self acceptance, things that were on her list of what she wanted to create, became her reality… and more!  

After several months of living and being in a new way, Aimee woke up to the realization that there are two ways to see life and live life… either through the perspective of love or through fear. She discovered that for some time she was living through the energy of fear which caused so much struggle. When she shifted her perspective and ways of being to be rooted in love, her life started to transform in magical feeling ways. Her book Divine Decluttering dives into this subject.

Today, Aimee’s world revolves around helping those who feel dissatisfied with their realities make a fresh start, return to their raw authentic nature, and uncover their soul vision to create their authentic dream life.

Aimee’s passion to serve deeply continues after having practiced as a speech therapist for over three decades, during which she provided over 18,000 sessions guiding children to become the best communicators. Now as a leader in love, she inspires women to have the best communication within their own selves to be able to live in their fullest heartfelt and soulful expression of who they are.

The french name Aimee translates to “beloved” in English. She has named her business this, for you to remember that you are love and to be love… you are the beloved.

A few more notes…


  • through Aimee’s natural heart centered way of being, new awarenesses can arise in you as you feel you heart open in her presence. 
  • has been curious about, and living the art of conscious creating, making choices based on inner guidance, and taking quantum leaps for over 15 years, and can inspire you to activate great shifts in your life.
  • along with having a passion for decluttering and organizing since chilidhood, she has moved homes over 18 times which has gifted her with a treasure chest of divine wisdom to help you blossom into an organized and decluttered diva.
  • made it a daily practice to connect with the inner voice, which lead to the words of a book to flow through her, filled with content and creativity to transform your life and home.
  • realized how our state of being is connected to what we experience when after a few months of taking better care of herself, being queen of her life while raising her two toddlers (and imagining wearing a crown each day as a reminder of this), surprisingly, the reigning Ms. United States Beauty Queen and a state Beauty Queen showed up (and later became her first virtual clients).
  • participated in a leading American Love Coach’s weekly Soulmate Makeover Show to be the voice for the divine feminine, and can offer you ways to shift your energy in the moment to be in your heart, in your feminine, instead of in your mind.
  • has soul qualities of a mystic and intuitive empath, and can surrender to messages that come through for clients that align with the true self and highest state of being.
  • knows how to hold sacred space for deep and lasting transformation from over three decades of experience in the healthcare world.
  • had a near death experience in her 20s and a spiritual awakening begin in her 30s, and has come to understand the Divine power of living through love instead of fear.
  • started teaching piano at age 13, and opened the first beading store for children in Toronto at age 14, driven by a desire to bring joy to others and express creatively. 

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