Love is who you are

Aimee offers a relaxing heart centered space of being and transformation for her clients.

A little background…

  • has been curious about and practicing the art of conscious living/creating, experiencing reality shifts, and making choices that arise from the true self for many years, and can offer creative recipes to transform your life
  • along with having a passion for decluttering and organizing since chilidhood, she has moved homes over 18 times which has gifted her with a treasure chest of wisdom to share
  • has experience holding sacred space for deep and lasting transformation from over three decades and 23,000 hours of counselling as a speech therapist (M.Sc. Speech-Language Pathology, B.Sc. Psychology)
  • had a spiritual awakening begin in her 30s waking up one morning with these words in her awareness: “We receive what we are”… a statement which she came to understand over time
  • being open to receive from the space of Divine energy, words of Divine Decluttering book flowed through which is filled with content and creativity to transform your life and home
  • participated in a leading American Love Coach’s weekly Soulmate Makeover Show to be a voice for self care/self love, softness, feminine energy
  • started teaching piano at age 13 and opened the first beading store for children in Toronto at age 14, driven by a desire to bring joy to others and express creatively 

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