Relax into the heartwarming world of crafting with Aimee, where you will collaboratively design a beaded bracelet that speaks to your heart.

Within Aimee’s treasure trove, you will discover an array of precious gemstones, unique artisan beads, delightful charms, and an assortment of gold-filled and sterling silver elements to choose from.

This diverse selection invites you to design a truly bespoke piece that will make your inner self glow!

For example, you can design a bracelet…

*to be symbolic of your new journey

*with a locket to hold your favourite essential oil scents

*for you and your soulmate to represent your love and commitment to one another

*to use while reciting the Ho’Oponopono prayer

*using two types of gemstones to represent your inner feminine and masculine

Your bracelet will be carefully gift wrapped and shipped to you the next business day (price includes packaging and tracked fast shipping).

Sessions are approximately 45 minutes in length.


For more information and to book your appointment, visit here.

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Class Beauty Bracelet with Floral Beads, Gold, And Rose Quartz

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