If you are running an online program (e.g. for feminine magnetism, soulmate love, etc.), including a bracelet as a gift to each member, could add to their experience!

With so much happening online at this time, it will feel extra special for each of your community members to experience connection to one another through something tangible such as a signature bracelet!

Together, we can design a beautiful beaded bracelet, infusing each gemstone and decorative bead with energy of the teachings and sacred messages for your tribe.

Worldwide shipping is available. Women throughout Europe, Canada and the United States have received bracelets… from the high mountain top of Mont Blanc, France, to Albania, to coastal towns of the Celtic Sea, and in states and provinces between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.

Having a bracelet to wear can be a great reminder of the support they have from those in the group, and of specific teachings and inspirations connected to each bead…  a meaningful treasure filled with secrets.

Sisterhood Feminine Magnetism Bracelets

“I love my bracelet. It makes me feel more feminine, radiant, and unique. The stones carry all the feminine energy, and remind me of how beautiful being a woman is. I am wearing it all the time. I feel so close to everyone in my community, and so connected.” ~S.K. 

For further details, or to learn about my virtual conscious crafting and beading parties that can be arranged for your community contact me.

You can visit the boutique shop here.

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