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I enjoyed reading Divine Decluttering through and through. Personal stories and practical ideas create a very interesting and helpful book. With a beautiful theme of self-esteem and self-care, it is inspiring and motivating. As I read, I felt good about myself and enthusiastic about starting to declutter. Actually, I jumped into some small decluttering projects before even finishing the book. Aimee is relatable, genuine and a wonderful example of femininity. She taught me to hold my head high with a beautiful (imaginary) Queen’s crown on my head. It made me realize that any project such as decluttering is much easier when your are feeling great about yourself and truly royal. I love everything about this book. Now that I have read Divine Decluttering, I am going to jump right in to using the workbook while re-reading the book and doing the various suggested activities. Janice I., New York

“Divine Decluttering is powerfully packed with gems of creative techniques to help you let go of clutter, embrace your self-love, honor your feminine, and transform your life and home.”

Dr. John Gray, New York Times #1 Best Selling Author of “Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus”

It was so hard to put this book down once I started reading! What Aimee expressed in her writing somehow got to my subconscious. I found that just after reading the first several pages, I chose to do something different and better for me in my day, and my son even noticed a difference in me! I could feel that this was written from the heart, which makes me feel that I am not alone in being in a rut with my clutter. I am so thankful that Aimee decided to write “Divine Decluttering,” otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to start the process of letting go of the things in my life right now that are holding me back from being my best self! M. Nagy, Toronto

Aimee is a powerful, strong, passionate and loving woman that I have the pleasure of knowing and working with. If you want to have the qualities that Aimee has, then you need to read this book…now. Scott Schmaren, NeuroPerformanceologist, MAHC 2014 Hypnotist of the Year, Oprah Guest, Co-Author of Stepping Stones To Success with Jack Canfield, Deepak Chopra & Dr. Dennis Waitley, Chicago

Experience your most divine journey! This book is full of powerful, practical, magical, and highly creative instructions on how you can gracefully and easily let go of your clutter, connect to self-love, get organized, and manifest your dreams. If you’re ready to conquer your clutter, overcome negative habits and create your best life, you will benefit from this life changing information! Dr. Michael R. Smith, Author of The Complete Empath Toolkit, Maine

Aimee has a powerful gift for seeing the higher purpose in everything. By helping you shift your perspective, she also helps you expand your awareness, level of peace, happiness and your vibration. This leads to a new way of being, as well as the opening of new possibilities for you. She truly embodies this divinely feminine way of being and living in the world. If you are drawn to her, trust it…she’s a gifted teacher! Lisa Berkovitz, Soul-Aligned Business Coach, Author of the Upcoming Book Let Soul Lead, Toronto

Aimee’s book is not just about decluttering in the physical sense, it is about so much more! For example, as she describes how you can get into your feminine, she explains many different ways to do this using some simple techniques like breathing in love and “dropping to the floor” to let go of inner struggle. I never would have thought that there would have been so many strategies to help let inner and outer clutter go! When I first met Aimee, I mentioned to her that she seemed very “feminine” which was something I admired, as I feel I live more in my masculine. I now realize that there are many ways for women who are living more in their masculine to get in touch with their inner feminine; and for sure I will be trying some of these strategies, and to also help me declutter! I walk into my closet every day and am overwhelmed with the amount of clothes, but yet I tell myself I have nothing to wear! I didn’t realize just how much clutter, physical and mental, that I actually have in my home and life. Thank you Aimee for opening up my eyes. I am now actually excited to start to purge and donate some of my physical clutter as I get into my inner “Queen” and stand in my feminine power! Maggie Slider, Law of Attraction and Parenting Coach, Co-Author of The Change #11 with Jim Britt & Jim Lutes, Toronto

I loved reading Aimee’s book. It is a wonderful, inspirational book that is fun to read and easy to follow. I found Aimee’s suggestions to be given in a joyful, imaginative way. Physical clutter often accumulates as a result of unresolved emotions, feelings and thoughts. As women, imagining we are the “Queen” of our own world is a wonderful way to help us get in touch with our inner, personal power to transform the things that are holding us back. Aimee is very generous in providing many tips and offering techniques that can be used to transform women’s spaces and lives. It was also special and touching that she shared her own challenges and personal journey to becoming the “Queen” of her own life! Now Aimee shares her accumulated wisdom on decluttering and helps other women in a heart-centered way. Thank you Aimee! Enzina DeAngeles, Energy Medicine and Reiki Master, Essential Oils Educator, Angel Guidance and Yoga Teacher, Toronto

This feminine powerful guide will not only enable you to rein free of clutter, but unleash your inner “Queen” full potential! Get ready to see the objects in your space in a different way, meet your inner “Queen” in the mirror, learn secrets for manifesting your desires, create a home that you love and become the most radiant woman from the inside out! Graziella Baratta, Image/Pageant Expert, Dance & Fitness Pro, Ms. United States 2008, New York

If you want to release the clutter form your life once and for all, read this book! The process Aimee takes you through is fun, from the heart and empowering, and the accompanying free workbook is very useful. Her “write a letter” and visualization exercises are unique, and makes it feel so real and exciting that it can be possible to become the “Queen” who rules over her stuff! Charmaine Bryan, Image Consultant, Award Winning Speaker, Award Winning Author of Stop Buying Clothes You Don’t WearToronto

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