If there is something in your living space, work space or even in your car that you do not use, receive enjoyment from, need or want, you can consider it to be clutter. Clutter can drain your energy and affect the serenity you are worthy of feeling every day.

To live your best life, it is important that your living space brings out wonderful feelings inside of you, and feels nurturing and supportive. In order to create spaces like this, the clutter must be cleared out. Physical clutter refers to the objects you have in your physical spaces. Nonphysical clutter can be found in several places including in your mind, your beliefs, habits, the words you say, in electronic devices, and schedules.

Do you know where you clutter is? Have a look through the different types of clutter below and notice how you feel as you read through the details. See if anything resonates with you. Perhaps this list will help you identify what forms of clutter you may be struggling with at this time, and inspire you to take action to release some things that no longer belong in your life, and to make some healthy shifts.


The 7 Types Of Clutter


1. Physical Clutter

  • Some objects in your personal space do not make you feel good, bring up old memories you would rather forget, are broken, don’t work, are old and worn out, just take up space and have to be thrown out
  • There is too much in your home and you feel overwhelmed by it all
  • The objects in your space are not in harmony with, or don’t feel like a reflection of you and what you really want for yourself
  • You do not have designated empty spaces in your home (e.g. some shelves, closet space) that represent an open invitation for new and better opportunities, things, and people to come to you
  • Papers are kept all over the place without any order
  • You keep things “just in case” you may need them in the future
  • You have duplicates or even more, of similar items (e.g. 20 pairs of jeans) that you never use or wear
  • You keep things because of guilt (e.g. gifts you no longer need or want)
  • You are attached to some objects due to their emotional value and memories they hold so can’t let them go


2. Belief/Thought Clutter

  • You experience repetitive thoughts going through your mind that are not serving you well because of how they make you feel
  • You are confused because of fear-based voices you hear inside of you that get in the way of what you want
  • You feel overwhelmed, drained, and believe there is no way out of your situation
  • You feel like a victim in your life
  • You have beliefs that make you feel stuck, and that continue to create experiences in your life that you would rather no longer have


3. Verbal Clutter

  • You speak more about what you don’t want instead of what you do want
  • What you express to others is really not what you feel, because you speak in a way to please others
  • You tend to speak negatively and complain often
  • You criticize others and are sarcastic
  • You gossip
  • You express in ways that feel to be out of alignment with your authentic self
  • You fill quiet space during conversations with others with your talking, just to fill the quiet space, instead of just “being” in those moments where nothing really needs to be said


4. Habit Clutter

  • You do the same things over and over again expecting to get better and different result the next time
  • You know that something you are doing is not making you feel good or is unhealthy to do, yet don’t know how to stop this habit
  • Something you do regularly interferes with the manifestation of what it is that you really want (e.g. repetitive negative self talk, worrying)
  • You do things that are big time wasters such as spending too much time on electronic devices, watching tv, etc.
  • You regularly put everyone else’s needs in front of your own needs
  • You go to bed too late and wake up exhausted which affects your productivity and how you feel


5. Spiritual Clutter

  • Some of your beliefs are not supportive of what you really want
  • You are lost in your thoughts and feel disconnected from your true self, God, source energy, and what your heart and soul really want
  • You live your life through eyes of fear instead of through love
  • You feel uncomfortable doing what your inner being is calling out for you to do because of how others may criticize you, fear, lack of support, lack of trust that things can work out for you, or for some other reason


6. Electronic Clutter

  • You have content on your electronic devices that needs to be deleted
  • You have disorganized saved files and photos
  • You have more devices that you really need and use
  • You are subscribed to more mailing lists than you really need to be


7. Schedule Clutter

  • You feel like you have too much to do in each day and not enough time
  • You can’t keep organized to get important things done
  • You forget about, or are late to appointments
  • You don’t make important things as your priority to get done
  • You feel an obligation to do everything on your plate, even though you know it is too much for you to do
  • You feel powerless of your schedule, and overwhelm
  • You feel obligated to say “yes” to things you really want to say “no” to doing, and don’t know how to say “no” without feeling guilty

Now that you have read through these lists, do you feel that there is some clutter, either physical or nonphysical that needs to be addressed and released? Is there something that you can do differently today or let go of today, so that you have less clutter and more peacefulness in your physical surroundings, in your day, and inside of you?




Clutter is not something to feel bad about. I believe we all have some clutter in our lives. Things accumulate. I feel it is just part of life and that it is important to regularly let things go so that there is flow… and to also be aware of how our daily schedule feels and to make modifications when needed.

I believe that there is a lot that one can learn through addressing their clutter. How about seeing the clutter in your life as there to help you? What can you learn about you and your needs based on the clutter you have? If you need help in letting things go, I would be happy to support you in whatever ways I can.

The best part about having clutter is that once you release it, it creates openings for new and better things to come into your life. This is a great thing!


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