Secret Surrendering Practices Meditation

Relax, let go, prepare for a peaceful sleep, be with your soul self, your dreams, and “just be” during this video I created for beautiful you.
Included are seven mini visualization meditations. Each one ends with a few minutes of music, so if you only have a short time for a rest break in the middle of your day, you can listen to one part and then choose to listen to the other meditations at another time.

During the few minutes of music that plays in between each meditation, you may want to… 

  • Focus on your breathing
  • See yourself in one image of your dream, projected outward onto a screen in front of you, and feel how you feel there
  • Radiate love and gratitude
  • Feel the sensations in your body as you let go
  • Sleep 

Love, Aimee xo

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0:01 Rest On The Water And Trust
7:55 Become Open To Receive
15:59 Let It All Go
24:02 Your Inner Feminine And Masculine Dance
31:47 Form Your Dream And Be In It
40:34 Radiate Love & Feel Gratitude
51:31 Surrender To Love And Fall Asleep

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This video is for your personal use and intended for entertainment purposes only. Do not use while driving or operating any type of equipment. 
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