200 Loving Mantra Cards from Divine Decluttering Book

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I felt that readers of Divine Decluttering may want to have the collection of loving mantras that are included throughout the pages of the book, in one place… so here they are!

You do not have to have read the book in order to enjoy this product.

In this downloadable PDF document, you will find 200 mantras. I’ve included most from the book, modified some of them, and added some new ones.

There are many "I AM" statements in the collection. It is known that the words "I AM" when said together are the most powerful words because the subconscious mind takes everything that comes after them as a command.

Mantras included are focused on self-love, self-care, your authentic self, care for your home and specific rooms, love relationship, feeling Divinely supported, expansion of self-awareness, masculine and feminine energy, self-acceptance, feeling "let go," thoughts to connect to while going about your day so you feel more relaxed and supported (e.g. when washing dishes, in the bathroom), your loved ones, your pets, and taking inspired action. 

You can choose from 7 color options for your 200 mantras when you place your order:

  • Ocean Blue pages
  • Rose Heart pages
  • Crown Violet pages
  • Green Earth pages
  • Divine Golden pages
  • Pink Dreams pages
  • Rainbow of all six colors listed above on each page

I suggest printing the pages on cardstock in the best color quality at your local printer.

If you prefer not to print them, you can still enjoy viewing all of the mantras on your devices wherever you are and at any time! There are 17 pages in total that include the 200 mantras, plus one cover letter page.

Below are some suggestions for use:

  1. Keep the pages by your bed to state outloud with emotion in the morning before you get out of bed, and before you go to sleep.
  2. Open the document on your devices to review at any time you feel you need to connect to inner peace and love.
  3. Create your own meditations by using your phone's voice recorder and selecting your favorite mantras from the collection to record. Listen to your recordings first thing in the morning and before you go to sleep at night. You can do this as part of a process to reprogram what is in your subconscious mind and to shift your reality.
  4. Cut out the cards and use them in these ways:
  • Store them in a little basket on your night table or in your sacred space where you meditate and relax. You may want to ask your inner guidance which mantra would serve you best at this time, and then see which card you receive as you select one from the basket.
  • Place some cards on your mirror, fridge, and in other areas of your home and office so that you can regularly see them and speak them. You can change/rotate the cards whenever you feel you would like to.
  • Keep them in a little sac or envelope, and take them with you wherever you go. You may enjoy selecting some from your collection to connect with during your lunch breaks for example.

You can always add to this collection of mantras by adding in some of your own! You can learn more about how to use affirmations here.

Once you receive this product, you have 30 days to download it before the link expires. You can download this product up to 5 times. Please save the document to your device once received.

PLEASE NOTE BEFORE ORDERING: All sales are final for this product. There are no exchanges, refunds, or returns. 

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Color Themes

Ocean Blue, Rose Heart, Crown Violet, Green Earth, Divine Golden, Pink Dreams, Rainbow

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