Angelic Feminine Energy Moon Goddess Necklace + FREE GIFT

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This is the most beautiful necklace to wear every day. Features angelite, moonstone, rose quartz, baby crystals, and sterling silver beads.

When you order this piece, you will receive the 200 Loving Mantra Cards product as a FREE GIFT (in rainbow color theme). State these affirmations to feel inner peace and serenity, any time of the day.

Approximately 45 cm to fit like a choker with an extra 7 cm of chain to extend the length. Includes sterling silver components, and metal post.

Angelite: Throat, Third Eye & Crown Chakra stone. The meaning of this stone’s name comes from its strong vibration to make contact with the angelic realm. It can also stimulate the birth of psychic gifts, mental telepathy, and clairvoyance. May support communication abilities as it is connected to the throat chakra. Wear this stone to have gentle, calmer, sweeter speech. It has a peaceful, calming, soothing energy, and may help to relieve tension, anger, and stress.

Moonstone: Sacral, Crown, Third Eye & Heart Chakra stone. Moonstone can nourish, give passion, and awaken your feminine energies. It is known to be calming, and a protective gem. It can heal and guide you to your inner path. It brings tranquility that has a sensual, esoteric feel. For heightening intuition, and to balance emotions. It can open you to the influences of the water element. Also known to give birth to enhanced creativity.

Rose Quartz: Heart Chakra stone. For Universal and unconditional love. For gentle warmth and love, healing emotional wounds and pain. It opens the heart to the beauty within and all around you and will begin its healing by reducing resentments. For courage, confidence, faith and fidelity.

Crystal: Crown Chakra stone. The most powerful, versatile healing stone for the mind, body and spirit and a very strong dispeller of negativity. It receives, activates, contains and amplifies energy.

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