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Who you are being is everything. Who you are being is related to the reality you are living. When you make a change in who you are being, it affects your thoughts and how you feel… and as a result affects your life experiences.

This divine virtual offering has been created for you to…

~rest into who your truly are

~create transformational written expressions that describe who you are being, as you sink into the feeling of already living the life you dream of

~craft a simple piece of art that will become a powerful energetic gift for you as it will hold your sacred words, and when used daily can shift your experiences

You will also receive a beautiful gemstone beaded bracelet of your choice! This will be shipped to you after the session. You can enjoy infusing each bead with the loving statements you wove into your art piece, so that you can wear it and remember what is sacred to you.


You will leave the experience with…

* secrets for shifting your reality

*a clearer vision of what your soul is asking for and a bouquet of statements expressing who you are and your life

*something you crafted with your own hands to weave your soul’s expressions into the physical, which when used daily can transform your life

*a beautiful one-of-a-kind gemstone beaded bracelet of your choice that will be gift wrapped and mailed to you after the session

Your precious crafted creation will have multiple uses for you, and can also become a meaningful decoration for your holiday tree.


You may wake up to new awarenesses during this experience… it can be a magical and powerful time for you.


A private party (e.g. for couples, friends night out, birthdays, bridal showers, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, etc.) for you and your guests can be arranged. For more info send a note here.


The most calming and beautiful experience! ~from a goddess in The Netherlands 

This virtual experience is therapeutic and I felt much better after the writing exercise. Really empowering. Exactly what I needed! ~from a goddess in Ontario, CA

This was truly a pleasure, relaxing, and I recommend it! This can be a fantastic way to connect with friends or family members and an AWESOME birthday gift experience to give someone. Thank you Aimee! ~from a goddess in California

Thank you for the blessed time that we shared together today. You brought the three of us back together again with your creativity, intelligent and most importantly sought out spirituality. I don’t know what I enjoyed most… the sharing and learning with each other, the writing and crafting exercises, the meditation, or choosing my bracelet design. I look forward to spending more time together being inspired. You go girl! ~from a goddess in Ontario, CA


Sessions take place through Zoom over videoconference calls and are approximately 2 hours long.

You will be sent the Zoom link in a separate email after booking, along with the small list of simple supplies you will have to bring.

Before booking, you must read and agree to the Privacy Policy document which includes the Online Private Services & Online Parties Policy. There are no refunds or exchanges.

Send a message here to book a time your session before making the purchase. 

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