Bohemian Stress Relief Healing Stones Meditation Bracelet

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A special piece to use during times in meditation. Features howlite, agate, red coral, handmade sterling silver butterfly charm and handmade millefiori beads.

Millefiori means “a thousand flowers” in Italian, and is an elaborate glass-making technique involving multicolored canes that are heated and pulled thin to display a fun, flowery cross section.

Created to use with the Ho'oponopono prayer with four howlite gemstones in a series. Touch each stone as you recite each of the four lines:

"I love you

I'm sorry

Please forgive me

Thank you"

You can recite any affirmations you like while touching the beads.

Approximately 19 cm. Created on strong stretch cord with sterling silver beads and components. Knot is locked inside a sterling silver bead.

Howlite: All Chakras stone. A super-calming stone and can be used to relieve stress. Makes an excellent antidote to insomnia due to an overactive mind. Teaches patience and helps to overcome critical or selfish behaviour.

Agate: Root Chakra stone. The stone of balance. It is calming and uplifting. Wear this for peace and happiness. It can be used whenever there is a build-up of painful or irritated energy.

Red Coral: Sacral Chakra stone. Used to strengthen the body, promote will power, and vitality. Gives more energy and confidence to go after your dreams and gives protection from fears and anxieties.

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