Divine Decluttering Book in Softcover Signed Copy + FREE GIFT

24.99 CA

Get cozy under a warm blanket with your favourite beverage as you sink into this feel good book.

You will receive a signed copy when ordered here.

The book includes a complimentary Divine Decluttering Workbook which you can download here to use as you read for self-reflection and to keep you organized. Writing is a powerful manifesting practice.

When you place your order, you will also receive the 200 Loving Mantra Cards as a FREE GIFT! You can see what they are here

Divine Decluttering (270 pages) is filled with jewels of inspiration and manifesting secrets to help make the process of decluttering simple and magical feeling as you live through your authentic self, and tune in to your dreams and desires.

Although written in a way that women would enjoy, the content is also appropriate for men.

If you are ready to make a fresh start in your life, then this feel good book set is for you!

Practice releasing clutter with ease and joy, through the energy of love instead of through fear.

Discover what masculine and feminine energy is, and how these energies affect your experiences and how you feel.

Experience stating affirmations to use in each room of your home, and notice how they shift your focus and energy.

Discover decadent decorating suggestions and design your space in ways that celebrate different aspects of who you are.

Learn powerful secrets for manifesting your desires and so much more!

For more details about what is inside visit here.

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