EMF Protection Shungite & Amazonite Man Bracelet

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This handsome bracelet features rare shungite from Russia, amazonite (10 mm stones), and sterling silver beads.

The energy from shungite is very strong, and it may take you some time to get used to how it feels. You can also place the bracelet next to your electronic devices when it is not on your wrist.

I have also created this piece to use with the Ho'oponopono prayer, with four shungite stones in a series. Hold on to each stone as you move along the bracelet, reciting each of the four lines of the prayer:

"I love you

I'm sorry

Please forgive me

Thank you"

You can recite any affirmations you like while holding the stones.

Approximately 21.5 cm, created on strong stretch cord. Knot is locked inside a sterling silver bead. All bracelets can be customized for your wrist size on request.

Shungite: Root Chakra stone. Known for powerful grounding energy. Wear this stone for electromagnetic field (EMF) protection, purification and detoxification of the body, general healing, and emotional well being. It works to cleanse and align all the particles in the body so that they are open and in alignment with the light. It can activate a healthier feeling balance of your masculine and feminine energies.

Amazonite: Heart & Throat Chakra stone. Known as the “hope” stone. Excellent tool for manifestation. Balances masculine and feminine energies. Calming for the brain and nervous system. Aligns the physical body with the etheric. Helps alleviate worry and fear. Opens you to see different points of view. Associated with overall success.

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