Ho’oponopono Prayer Peaceful Meditation Man Bracelet

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This bracelet features white jade, sparkling faceted black onyx, agate, turquoise, red coral and sterling silver peace charm.

Created to use with the Ho’oponopono prayer with four howlite gemstones in a series. Touch each stone as you recite each of the four lines of the prayer:

“I love you
I’m sorry
Please forgive me
Thank you”

You can recite any affirmations you like while touching the beads.

Approximately 22 cm. Made on strong stretch cord with sterling silver components and beads. Knot is locked inside a sterling silver bead.

Jade: Heart Chakra stone. For good luck, prosperity, serenity, wisdom, balance, healing and protection. Opens the heart chakra to love energy.

Turquoise: Throat Chakra stone. For self realization helping you to better understand yourself, your ideas and emotions. Used to increase strength, give protection from harm, improve psychic sensitivity and connection to the spirit world. The symbol of friendship and brings peace to the home.

Agate: Root Chakra stone. The stone of balance. It is calming and uplifting. Wear this for peace and happiness. It can be used whenever there is a build-up of painful or irritated energy.

Black Onyx: Root, Solar Plexus & Third Eye Chakra stone. A protective stone worn to defend against negativity that is directed at you. Black stones are associated with protection and healing. Helpful to those who are in the process of “letting go” or releasing past attachments to people, places and things.

Red Coral: Sacral Chakra stone. Used to strengthen the body, promote will power, and vitality. Gives more energy and confidence to go after your dreams and gives protection from fears and anxieties.

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