I Am Love Addiction Recovery Yin Yang Meditation Bracelet

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A delicate bracelet to support you along your heart centered journey.  Features rose quartz, amethyst, Swarovski crystal, and yin yang charm (same image on both sides, made from a zinc alloy metal that is lead and nickel free).

Approximately 17 cm. Created on strong stretch cord with sterling silver beads and components. Knot is locked inside a sterling silver bead.

Rose Quartz: Heart Chakra stone. For Universal and unconditional love. For gentle warmth and love, healing emotional wounds and pain. It opens the heart to the beauty within and all around you and will begin its healing by reducing resentments. For courage, confidence, faith and fidelity.

Amethyst: Third Eye & Crown Chakra stone. For getting in touch with your intuition, feelings or values. Helps learn of all things spiritual, mystic and psychic. Greek meaning: “without drunkenness.” Wear this when overcoming addictions.

Crystal: Crown Chakra stone. The most powerful, versatile healing stone for the mind, body and spirit and a very strong dispeller of negativity. It receives, activates, contains and amplifies energy.

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