The Bejeweled Goddess Activation For Transformation Virtual Session

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Do you ever yearn for a fresh start, a chance to embrace your authentic self, your dreams, and awaken the inner goddess within you? If so, join Aimee in a transformative journey.

During this goddess time, you will explore potent recipes for conscious creating and the alchemy of reality shifting, along with crafting a unique bracelet that will speak to your heart and soul,

While together on Zoom video, you shall select gemstones, beautiful beads, whimsical charms, and sterling silver and gold filled components of your choice, weaving them into a delicate treasure that is uniquely yours... a bracelet fit for a goddess.

As each bead is placed on the string, you will infuse each one with divine expressions of your essence and your intentions, weaving a tapestry of significance into your cherished piece.

But this bracelet shall be more than an adornment; it will be your transformational tool. As you wear it, you will feel a shift in your energy, a relaxation of your spirit, and a newfound harmony with your soul and dreams.

In addition to the physical crafting of your bracelet, the wisdom and guidance that Aimee shares will activate transformation within you, guiding you on a path of self-discovery and empowerment. Your will feel your inner light shine brightly, just like the beautiful gems adorning your wrist.

Your bracelet will be carefully wrapped and shipped to you the next business day (includes tracked shipping $20 value).

The most calming and beautiful experience! ~from a goddess in The Netherlands 

This virtual experience is therapeutic and I felt much better after the writing exercise. Really empowering. Exactly what I needed! ~from a goddess in Ontario, CA

I love my bracelet and how everyone in our community is wearing the same matching one. Having this piece makes me feel even more close to everyone in my community, and so connected. It also makes me feel more feminine, radiant, and unique. The stones carry all the feminine energy, and remind me of how beautiful being a woman is. ~from a goddess in Kosovo

Sessions are approximately 1.5 to 2 hours in length. 

Before making your purchase, kindly visit here to request your appointment. 

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