Join us on THURSDAY JUNE 20TH at 7pm EST for this celebration!

Register by midnight on Tuesday, June 11th, and you can bring a guest for free!

Release clutter and organize your living space as part of your precious prayer that you are open, ready, available, and have space in your life to receive your beloved!

Connect with like-hearted women and men who are also on a journey preparing for a healthy, loving, vibrant, nurturing relationship. You will feel inspired being in the supportive energy of those who attend, and as you sink into the energy of your authentic self and dreams to release all that no longer resonates with your essence and life’s vision.

Using Aimee’s signature recipe to release clutter and experience beautiful shifts in your life you will…

  • Rest into self love and acceptance within, and in your living space
  • Practice feelings of gratitude and appreciation
  • Tune in to who you are being (because your thoughts, verbal expression, how you feel, your choices, and what you are experiencing is connected to who you are choosing to be) and what you would like to feel and experience in your relationship
  • Embrace the dynamic interplay of your inner feminine and masculine energies, feeling the dance of taking action and surrender
  • Uncover transformative insights through the art of inquiry, exploring new perspectives and possibilities through the asking of thoughtful questioning
  • Discover the power of your imagination

For further details and to register, please visit here.

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