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Aimee’s service has had a tremendous influence on my life. When I first came to Aimee, I was already into self development but I hadn’t yet prepared my environment to align my inner and outer world. Aimee really helped me to connect from my heart rather than my mind. She had great suggestions to align my physical environment with what I wanted to attract into my life. She helped me to organize my space so that I really loved everything in my home and in the area of love, acting as if my soulmate was already living there with me. I got rid of a lot of old things that I didn’t love and replaced them with things that felt really good.

The biggest lesson that I learned and continue to apply is the power of our feelings, the power of coming from a heart connection, rather than taking a lot of action from the mind, from a place of fear. Once I let go and relaxed into this inspired heart place, my confidence increased and I really could tap into my feminine much quicker and thus attracted amazing things into my life much easier and way more powerful!!

By doing all the things that felt good to me, good things would just keep happening. I started the process in January and by the end of May I attracted an unbelievable man into my life. I met him on vacation and after speaking there a few times, we discovered we had met each other 17 years ago at a music camp when we were 16!! This man remembered me so well and even had a picture of the 2 of us from that time. I later found a letter from him in a journal I carried that summer which was so beautiful to read all these years later. We have an incredible soul connection and it’s truly amazing what we feel for each other. True love at first sight and soulmates.

I don’t know what the future holds but I know that radiating love and femininity brought us back together after so many years and I fully trust and have faith in what the Universe has in store for me from this point forward. It is a truly amazing story which I am grateful for every day.

Aimee’s strategies and ideas really help clarify what’s important and coming from a place of letting go rather than controlling, staying in the present moment and asking yourself meaningful questions to direct you through life. She really gives a lot of value for her time and I found the whole experience very unique and genuine. I am so grateful for benefiting from all her expertise and continue to apply what I learned on a daily basis.

Aimee’s serene and positive energy really makes you feel that she truly cares and wants to give and help as much as possible. I highly recommend working with her if you want to attract your desires into your life while enjoying the process!

Musician/International Performer, New Jersey

Working with Aimee on organizing my closet and office area near the end of my reign was a refreshing and much-needed change! Not only did she guide me in a step-by-step process over a series of appointments online, she also helped me evaluate what was necessary to keep and what could be thrown away (something that is sometimes unbelievably confusing!) as I was starting on a new path of business endeavors and wanting to fulfill more of my personal dreams. With her jovial and warm nature, Aimee helped to alleviate the stress and not to mention DREAD that comes along with clearing and organizing a cluttered space. I felt much more clear-headed and ready to take on the day and all I desire for my life after my clutter was cleared. In addition to being able to SEE my things and enjoy the beautiful space I live in!

Graziella Baratta, Ms. United States Beauty Pageant Queen, New York

Aimee has a powerful gift for seeing the higher purpose in everything. By helping you shift your perspective, she also helps you expand your awareness, level of peace, happiness and your vibration. This leads to a new way of being, as well as the opening of new possibilities for you. She truly embodies a divinely feminine way of being and living in the world. If you are drawn to her, trust it… she’s a gifted teacher!

Lisa Berkovitz, Soul-Aligned Business Coach, Author of the upcoming book Let Soul Lead, Toronto

Working with Aimee has been a delight for me because she makes decluttering fun, feminine, easy, and exciting! I call Aimee my “Decluttering Life Coach,” because she not only helps me clean my space, but it translates into my everyday life. I used to feel extremely overwhelmed by my space, and it would make me feel depressed and stuck. After working with Aimee, my space has improved immensely! It’s a lot lighter, fresher, more organized, and it has my own style which really reflects who I feel I am.

There were a lot of things in my life that needed improvement, such as my work, self confidence, and love life. With her loving, caring, femininely empowering and intelligent ways, Aimee has helped me not only transform my space, but my love life and work happiness too. She has provided insight to why and how my clutter affects my life, along with easy to follow, refreshing ways to tackle it and in a way that connects me to my most feminine nature which is very unique for a decluttering coach to do! Now I am enjoying the changes that it has brought me. I am a lot more confident, calm, relaxed, feel even more beautiful inside and organized because of her.

Aimee is truly a joy to work with, and doesn’t make me feel overwhelmed to handle decluttering tasks. I always feel comfortable to share and show her my “messy space,” never making me feel bad for it. Every Skype session with Aimee leaves me feeling inspired and armed to accomplish my goals. She also holds me to the task, making sure that I get things done. I have learned and accomplished so much through our sessions, she is such a great support! Thank you so much Aimee for providing the discipline, insight, how to, and inspiration that I need, to be my very best for myself, my man, and for everyone in my life! You’re the best! XO

UPDATE: My boyfriend surprisingly proposed less than one week after my last session with Aimee!

Liana, Miss. New York Beauty Pageant Queen, New Jersey

I had a REALLY beautiful evening with such a wonderful group of charming charismatic women at Aimee’s workshop last night. Aimee, you are truly a natural in your element. Thank you for sharing your insights on femininity and creating abundance with us all. You are a master of your craft and it was an honor to be there creating this lovely piece of jewelry with you. Thank you for showing us how to create our own special pieces. I love my bracelet. It is very unique and meaningful to me. It was truly a delightful fun creative experience that I would highly recommend to other women!

P.S. When is your next workshop? 

Ava, Toronto

“I love my bracelet and how everyone in our community is wearing the same matching one. Having this piece makes me feel even more close to everyone in my community, and so connected. It also makes me feel more feminine, radiant, and unique. The stones carry all the feminine energy, and remind me of how beautiful being a woman is.

Shpresa, Kosovo

If you are dealing with clutter challenges in your life, Aimee is definitely your go-to expert! As a Feng Shui Consultant, I know firsthand how important being in a clutter-free environment is and what needs to be addressed in order to make that happen. Aimee has a compassionate, yet transformational way of working with her clients to get long lasting results. She not only helps her clients get organized, she also addresses the “root source” of why a person accumulates clutter to prevent it from coming back!
Sheree Diamond, Florida

Aimee did a wonderful job transforming my cluttered downstairs living space into a beautiful and functional home gallery for displaying my artwork and for receiving clients. I am so grateful for her help and support, wonderful creative genius in reorganizing my home, and for rearranging the furniture for the best use of space for flow and display, along with comfort for my clients and for daily living. Soon after my living space came to life with the wonderful energy of my creative spirit that was now displayed throughout, I had my first holiday show and sale featuring my paintings, greeting cards and prints. I am so proud to show off my paintings to friends, family and clients in such a perfect setting now that I enjoy coming home to every day! Thank you Aimee!!!
Monieca, Artist, Toronto

I’d always known I had a lot of potential to accomplish great things. The problem was that I had always felt very cluttered mentally. That was reflected in a very disorganized house from my closets, to my drawers, kitchen, and even home office. I had made repeated attempts to clean up but just couldn’t make significant changes. Contacting Aimee was a very significant event for me. She came over to my house and over the course of several days, we cleaned up and organized the entire space. She helped and coached me through the entire process. Strangely for me, cleaning up felt a bit stressful, but ultimately cathartic. Most importantly, I’ve been able to maintain the organization at home and also continue this pattern of behavior into other aspects of my life. I can’t stress enough how important having an organized home is to so many aspects of my life, and I feel that I’m more accomplished now than at any other point. Aimee helped me get the start that I needed. Thanks Aimee!
Male, Physician, Toronto

Thank you so much for helping me to create a comfortable, useful environment that helps our family function much more effectively. Your relaxed, fun and inspiring style promotes such positive energy. Your enthusiasm is contagious!
J.B., Toronto

Aimee’s one visit to my home struck a chord and compelled me to ask myself the right question: “What am I doing with all of this stuff?” She opened my eyes and made me aware that all the “STUFF” was weighing me down and literally sucking the energy out of my life. She catalyzed me to begin the process of removing my personal clutter which transcended to my business clutter. Now I feel so light that I feel I could fly! Thanks Aimee!
Kevin, Toronto

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