Inspiration to write this came as I was out shopping, with the intention to treat myself to something new… whatever it may be that caught my eye. I had nothing specific in mind that day that I wanted to buy. While browsing through a store, I noticed a luxurious looking coat in baby pink that was so soft. This piece caught my attention and so I tried it on. Once I put it on, I did not want to take it off… and so I ended up leaving the store with a new coat! My desire to receive a treat was now complete!

I love to be around soft smooth textures and to wear things that feel soft on my skin. I must be very sensitive to textures because I still remember how every item of clothing I wore as a child, felt on my skin! This pink coat felt in perfect harmony with what I love.

Something else, unrelated to clothing that feels soft and flowing to me, is to be able to move through my days without a set schedule always in place (outside of scheduled set appointments for business or my kids, etc.) and instead, enjoy listening in to my inner guidance trusting that I will sense what to do next, and to do things from that energy space. It also feels like I’m allowing my day to live through me (through Divine inspiration), instead of feeling like the “me” connected with my mind is the one creating each moment through a schedule. To move through an entire day on a set schedule feels more rigid to me. It also tends to disconnect me from feeling my body as my attention is fully in my thoughts just focused on what I planned to get done, no matter what the rest of me may be feeling. I feel that a mindful (masculine energy way of being) and soulful (feminine energy way of being) weaving and dance feels really good, and as I pay attention to how my body feels, and this will look different to each person. It is important to design your life and days in ways that feel healthy for you, and this can change over time based on where you are on your journey, how you feel in your body, and what you want for each day and your life. 

Getting back to clothing… during work hours, perhaps you spend much of your time wearing pieces that are more structured such as a fitted blazer and pants, or you have to wear a simple uniform that says nothing about who you are on the inside. Do you feel relaxed and ok inside, in your work attire? Or do you feel like you would like to experience more softness and looseness energetically somehow, as you work? Would you perhaps like to feel some contrast between your rigid expecatations for work and how you feel as you get things done?

Below are some simple ideas for you to try so that you flow into the energy of a little more softness. By the way, softness does not mean weak. There is strength in softness. When you are grounded in who you are, your truth, and feel yourself rooted into the earth, you naturally have and radiate an inner core of strength. You can then look, feel and be as soft as you would like, and you will still glow in and feel strength. Adding softness to your inner core of strength will also add to feeling yourself more in your feminine (to learn how you can be more fully embodied in your feminine energetically, I welcome you to book a complimentary consultation).

You can add softness to your days in many ways. As you continue to read on, take a moment to move your awareness out of your head and into your heart and body as you take slow deep full breaths in and out. Now, sink into the energy of soft surrender as you read a few ideas to try…

  • Wear a silky blouse under your structured blazer
  • Wear silky soft intimates
  • Choose a luxurious scarf that feels soft on your skin
  • Place a short bouquet of roses in a low vase in your work area, so that you only see the petals and leaves instead of the thorny and long stems
  • Place a plush little rug under your feet at your desk and take off your shoes to ground yourself in the pleasure of how it feels
  • Check in with your breathing and take slower, fuller breaths
  • Say “I love you” softly to yourself and feel this

  • Wear pearls or gemstone jewelry in pastel colors such as rose quartz.  You can visit my shop to see a selection of my handmade creations, or I would love to design something custom for you at my new online soulful gemstone beading ceremonies!
  • Place a picture in your work area that brings the energy of softness to you, or decorate with a little collection of photos in small sparkly picture frames 
  • During work breaks moisturize your lips, and massage your hands and neck with a luxurious cream to keep them feeling silky smooth and relaxed
  • Play music that soothes your soul and sway a little in your chair
  • Decorate your work area in delicate feeling shades of colors
  • Drink something warm to soothe you on the inside

  • Add a little lace such as a lace doily under a plant on the desk
  • Wear a fresh or silk flower in your hair
  • Let your hair down so that it flows if you usually have it tied back
  • Wear nail polish in your favorite light shades
  • Add a pompom charm to your purse and set of keys
  • Spritz rose water on your face and neck to feel refreshed and pretty
  • Tune into your body and notice which parts can become more relaxed in the moment, then feel each part loosen more and more with each exhale

I would love to know how incorporating these simple suggestions into your work day shifts how you feel and your experiences!

.Just a little note about the pink coat…

There was room in the front closet for this new piece because a few weeks before, I had decluttered that space and released some coats that I no longer wore. I wanted to be able to open the closet and feel joyful seeing only things that I love and regularly wear, and also have open spaces to be in the energy to receive new treasures. Perhaps it is time for you to do the same!

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